St. John’s Huntingdon installs a “Little Free Pantry”.

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St. John’s, Huntingdon recently installed a “Little Free Pantry” outside their office building, the Episcopal House. Pictured are Deacon Charlie Cruikshank and Fr. Gene Tucker, Rector at the blessing of this new ministry on Gaudete Sunday, December 17th, 2017.
This new ministry, the first of its kind locally, has already gathered attention in the community: an article appeared in the local newspaper this week, and some of the food items have been claimed, while others (including some who are not members of the St. John’s community) have stopped by to put some items in the pantry.
The cabinet was built by Deacon Charlie, who is a gifted woodworker. He will oversee this ministry, inviting members to be responsible for making sure the pantry is stocked for specific periods of time. In addition, he will draft a winter list of items that aren’t in danger of freezing and a summer list which will offer more varied fare. Currently, two copies of the New Testament and the Psalms are also available in the pantry for anyone who would like to have them.

For more information, contact The Rev. Gene Tucker,