Deployment Resources for Clergy

Deployment Ministry Conference

The Deployment Ministry Conference is an association of almost forty Dioceses east of the Mississippi. The Deployment Ministry Conference provides two primary services to clergy seeking new calls and congregations seeking new clergy.

The Deployment Ministry Newsletter

The Deployment Ministry newsletter is published nine times a year and includes brief written descriptions of all position openings in member dioceses. Subscriptions to the Deployment Ministry newsletter can be obtained by contacting Ms. Gussie Fox, Editor, Diocese of Southern Virginia, 600 Talbot Hall Road, Norfolk, VA 23505-4361, Tel. 757/423-8287, Fax 757/440-5354 and E-mail

Bi-annual Deployment Ministry Conferences

Deployment Officers from the member dioceses gather twice a year in March and in October to share information with each other about clergy who are interested in exploring new calls and congregations that seek new clergy. Clergy who will like to be presented at the conference should contact Andy France.

Church Deployment Office

Located at the Episcopal Church Center in New York, The Church Deployment Office (CDO) maintains computer listings on all ECUSA clergy and lay professionals that open a file with them. Clergy should regularly update their CDO profile and make sure that their profile notes that they are opened to being considered for new positions.

CDO registration makes you eligible to subscribe to the Positions Open Bulletin, with the following three options:

• A listing of open positions printed and mailed monthly.

• An internet searchable listing of open positions, updated weekly.

• Both versions of the P.O.B., printed and electronic.


To learn more, contact:

The Church Deployment Office

815 2nd Avenue

New York, NY