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2019 Resolutions

See below for resolutions submitted for approval at our 2019 diocesan Convention.

Resolution #1- The Episcopal Home

Resolution #2- Proposed Amendments to the Constitutions and Canons
To view the Proposed Amendments to the Constitutions and Canons, click here.

You are encouraged to contact any member of the Constitutions & Canons Committee, whose names are listed below, prior to Convention if there are any questions or comments, or to offer any further amendments for the consideration of the Committee.  Because of the format of Convention, and the limited time available, offering amendments on the floor of Convention will not be encouraged.

Members of the Committee are as follows:

Charles Banks, Chair,
The Rev. Ken Wagner-Pizza,
The Rev. Adam Kradel,
Susan Caravaggio,
Thomas Schmidt,

The Resolutions Committee reviews Resolutions and assists presenters in the correct format and requirements for presenting a resolution to Convention.

Please see below for helpful information when drafting convention resolutions.

Please click here for information that you will find helpful in drafting your resolutions and memorials. The requirements follow the rules of order of the Episcopal Church, and are designed to help make our work at Convention more regular, clear, and ordered.

Please note page 3 in the resource material. If your resolution intends to change a point in the constitution or canons of the Diocese, it is handled through the Committee on Constitution and Canons, and cannot be submitted directly to Convention. The procedure is spelled out on that page, as specified in the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

For questions, please contact The Rev. Veronica Donohue Chappell, Rector: Trinity, Jersey Shore, and Chair, Resolutions Committee,  with any resolution questions you may have; the Resolutions Committee will try to help you submit a resolution that does exactly what you intend for it to accomplish.

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