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2022 Nominees

Diocesan Leadership Committee Nominations

Standing Committee

Each Year Elect: 2 Clergypersons & 2 Laypeople – Can run 2 successive terms of 3yrs each.

Council of Trustees

The Council of Trustees elects 1 Clergy and 2 Lay each year – can run successive 3yr terms.

Disciplinary Board

For the Disciplinary Board there are 9 members, five clergy, four laypersons – each year elect three persons to serve for a term of three years. Persons elected shall be from each order as required to maintain the required compliment of the board. Can run successive 3 yr. terms.

Year 2022 Elect: 2 Clergypersons & 1 Layperson

General Convention 2024 Deputies:

Total of 8 – Clergy 4 and Lay 4 – Alternates shall be designated as deputies as needed, in the order of votes received – no limit on successive conventions.


Timeline for Nominations committee

January – Follow up with all Convention Committee Leadership Chairs.
1 March, 2022

1 March 2022 Call for Nominees. Nomination period opens

12 June, 2022 Resolution and Nomination Deadline

March-May 2022 Recruiting takes place, information distributed, and Connections made at Spring Convocation meetings.

13 June 2022 Nomination Deadline

13 July 2022 Deadline for additional nominations from parishes.

14 August 2022 Nominating Committee announces full Slate of Nominations including biographies, photos, and written consent.

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