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What is ATLA?

ATLA is an electronic database of The American Theological Library Association. It is one of the most comprehensive electronic databases for the field of theology and religious studies.

Why would I use ATLA?

ATLA is a wonderful resource that students can use to enhance their research for class papers. It is also a valuable resource for clergy and parish leaders seeking to deepen their Christian formation offerings or for personal enrichment.

How do I access ATLA?

You can access ATLA by clicking here. You will need the diocesan username and password. If you are an SSFM student, you can obtain that username and password by logging into Populi and going to the Files section for the document named “Accessing ATLA.” It will have the username and password in it. If you are not a SSFM student, please email Marsha Roscoe.

How do I use ATLA?

Once you have logged into the ATLA system, you can use it like most other search engines. If you know exactly what you are looking for via the title or author, you can type that into the box and click “Search.” If you are not sure about the exact nature of your search or if that returns too many records to be helpful, you can use “Advanced Search” and look based on other criteria such as subject, date published, journal name, etc.