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Celebrate Theological Education During the Month of February 2019

Celebrate Theological Education
During the Month of February 2019
“There are people waiting in our pews and in our communities, hungry to learn more about God and faith, looking to be fed in deeper ways, just wondering how to discover the world of saints and traditions that guide us through the decisions we make today.”


Celebrate Theological Education with us…
Come to our “Doing Theology” Learning Weekend, February 8-9, in Danville at the St. Cyril Center, where we will celebrate with outstanding faculty and students. Register now, click here. For more information, click here.

Invite to your parish our Dean, The Rev. Robyn Szoke-Coolidge to lead a forum, to facilitate discussion, to preach and celebrate Christian Education,

Invite a student to preach or teach at your parish. The following SSFM students are available to preach or lead a forum/discussion on the importance of Christian Education and Faith Formation in the parish and in the household.

Give to support Christian Education in your parish, your convocation, your favorite seminary, or to The Stevenson School for Ministry. General Convention has designated all Episcopalians to dedicate 1% of their annual offering to support education during Theological Education celebrations.

Take a course with members of your parish or take a course for your own continuing education. For the selection of courses for Spring Term 2019, see

For questions, contact Robyn Szoke-Coolidge, Dean of the Stevenson School for Ministry, (717) 236-5959 ext. 1112 or

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