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Clergy Council Meeting Dates




6th 10am Altoona

13th This is the same date as the convention online business meeting

Southern and Lancaster will meet on 11/10

20th 11:00-12:30 Brunch meeting for NT and WB active and retired clergy (details to follow).

27th Bishop is unavailable due to a TEC commitment – the meeting will be held on 11/3

Nov 3rd 10am Susquehanna, 2pm Harrisburg

Nov 10th 10am Southern, 1pm Lancaster



1st 10 am Altoona

8th 10am Southern, 1pm Lancaster

15th 10am Northern Tier, 2pm West Branch

22nd Due to the proximity to the Christmas break, the meeting will move to 1/26.

Jan 26th 10am Susquehanna, 2pm Harrisburg



2nd 10 am Altoona

9th 10am Southern, 1pm Lancaster

16th 10am NT, 2pm WB

23rd 10am Susquehanna, 2pm Harrisburg

April 10th to July 10th Bishop on sabbatical


Meeting Locations:

Altoona – St. Mark’s, Lewistown West Branch – Christ Church, Williamsport

Southern – St. Andrew’s, York Susquehanna – St. Andrew’s, Lewisburg

Lancaster – St. Edward’s, Lancaster Harrisburg – Mount Calvary, Camp Hill

Northern Tier – St. James, Mansfield

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