Curriculum – Deacon Track

Curriculum – Deacon Track

To apply for this certification track, please send an email to either Dean Robyn Szoke-Coolidge ( or Associate Dean Shawn Strout ( indicating your interest.  We will then send you an electronic application via Populi.

Number of Courses Required

(Minimum of 12 Courses for Certificate)

The Holy Scriptures (2 courses)

Required: Introduction to Old Testament, Introduction to New Testament

History of the Christian Church (1 course)

Required: Church History II

Christian Theology (1 course)

Required: Theology I

Christian Ethics and Moral Theology (1 course)

Required: Ethics I

Christian Worship (1 course)

Required: Prayer Book Studies

The Practice of Ministry (5 courses)

Required: Anglican Approaches to Ministry, The Message of Mission, Homiletics, The Deacon’s Path, Deacons in Action (field placement for 6-8 months)

Spirituality (1 course)

Required: Spiritual Practices for Today


Recommended Course of Study: Deacon Track

Semester Sessions

Weekend Orientation Session: in person, Friday through Saturday

Each Course: 10 weeks online work

Weekend Reorientation Session: in person, Friday through Saturday

Summer Sessions

One day Orientation Session: in person, Saturday 9am-3pm

Each Course: 10-week online work


Year One

Summer Session One

  • Anglican Approaches to Ministry
  • Spiritual Practices for Today

 Semester I Core Content

  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • The Deacon’s Path

Semester II Core Content

  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Church History II

 Year Two

Summer Session Two

  • Begin CPE

 Semester I Core Content

  • Theology I
  • Prayer Book Studies
  • Homiletics

Semester II Core Content

  • Ethics I
  • The Message of Mission
  • Deacons in Action (Field Placement for 6-8 months)


Orientation and Reorientation Sessions (10 total for 2-year study)

Topics covered:

  • Anglican Spirituality I, II
  • Discernment
  • Introduction to Theology and Theological Reflection
  • Issues in Pastoral Care I, II
  • Spiritual Direction


Canonical Areas of Study for Ordination

 The canons (III.6.5.f and III.8.5.g) require that preparation for ordination in all orders shall include training regarding:

  • prevention of sexual misconduct.
  • civil requirements for reporting and pastoral opportunities for responding to evidence of abuse.
  • the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church, particularly Title IV thereof.
  • the Church’s teaching on racism