Addendum to July 12, 2010 from Bishop Baxter: 

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Dear Friends in Christ:
In my July 12th message to you I incorrectly noted the break of the Reformed Episcopal Church as related to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, suggesting a founding date of that period. The denominations date of founding is officially 1873.  It is accurate that a primary cause for their separation was the rise and influence of the Anglo-Catholic witness within the Episcopal Church. The Ref Episc Ch’s commitment to and understanding of Anglicanism is protestant and evangelical exclusive of pre-Reformation traditions and post 19th century witnesses such as women’s ordination and contemporary tools of biblical interpretation.  Their book of worship is grounded in the Church of England’s 1662 BCP with selected and edited portions of the Episcopal Church’s 1789 BCP and 1928 BCP, both of which they have considerable theological differences.  The denomination now has approximately 13,000 members and 140 parishes and missions.

Peace and Grace,

Bishop Baxter

July 12, 2010

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