Discovery Day

Save the Date: Discovery Day

Explore with us ways to serve God’s church and join God’s Mission

The Diocese of Central PA


When?             April 6th, All Saints Selinsgrove 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

What?              A one-day program with opportunities to speak with Bishop Scanlan, Members of the Commission on Ministry and the Stevenson School for Ministry faculty and dean.

For Whom?    Newly Confirmed, seekers, those preparing for confirmation, Inquirers, and anyone who is exploring new ways to respond to the Baptismal Covenant. This day is open to all interested persons who are looking forward to discovering the many ways God calls us to respond to our Baptism.

Why?             We are all called to serve God’s Mission. Are you wondering the possibilities? Are you called to serve God in the church and in the community in new ways? Interested in exploring learning and growing in your faith? Imagining new responsibilities in lay ministry, or deacon’s ministry or ministry of priest?

On this Day you will

  • Learn more about your faith and ways to develop your gifts for ministry. Learn about the ministry and formation of vocations in the church, the diocese, and the Stevenson School for Ministry programs and curriculum.
  • Consider your understanding of discernment and count this as one way to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to pursue how God is calling you to something more, a new or different ministry, or to a vocation.

Vocation is derived from the Latin vocare, to call, summon or name. As Parker Palmer writes in Let Your Life Speak, “Vocation does not mean a goal that I pursue. It means a calling that I hear. Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”

We invite you to come and see, learn and meet others whose souls are seeking more. 

Where?  April 6-All Saints Selinsgrove

Cost?     No cost, suggested Contribution to lunch

To register:  For April 6th, click here.


We welcome everyone and encourage those who are in the process of discerning the baptismal call.


Agenda for Discovery Day


9:45 AM   Welcome and Registration

10:00 AM   Worship and Bible Study

  • Small group Bible Study break outs to whole group sharing
  • Baptismal Ministry whole group teaching from COM

10:45 AM    Bishop Scanlan’s hopes and vision for vocational formation for lay and ordained, and including Continuing education “The vocational and spiritual needs of the diocese?” with time for questions

11:15AM   Commission on Ministry presentation vocations for lay, and ordained, includes

  • The role of discernment and how to use the COM Discernment study guide
  • Role of prayer in discernment—individual and community
  • Overview of the process for lay vocations and ordination to diaconate and priesthood.

Noon     lunch

12:45PM    Stevenson School for Ministry,  a diocesan resource that includes competency-based curriculum to support the vocational formational and missional needs for leadership and faith development.

1:15 PM Responding to our Baptism

  • Small group—naming our questions
  • Large group—sharing our questions and responding to them

1:45PM         Closing worship

2:00 PM        Departure