Eliminating Institutional Racism

Upcoming Eliminating Racism Workshops

The next workshop will be held on April 12-14, 2018. Please check back for more information.


Black Ministries

Latino/Hispanic Ministries

Asiamerica Ministries

Download this list of resources for eliminating racism.

Task Force for Eliminating Institutional Racism

Members of the Task Force

Kevin Barron, St. Andrew’s, State College, co-chair – email

Marion Schwartz, St. Andrew’s State College, co-chair – email

Anthony Alexander, St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Rev. Brenda Taylor, All Saints, Hershey

Carolyn Patterson, Diocesan Staff, St. Paul’s, Harrisburg

The Rev. Rebecca Meyers, Nativity Newport and St. Stephen’s Thompsontown

Nick Miron, Racial and Gender Equality Advocate, YWCA, Lancaster

Lori Robinson, St. Paul’s, Harrisburg

The Rev. Ingrid Anderson, St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Julie Gittens, St. John’s, Lancaster

Michele Hamilton, St. Andrew’s, St. College

Resources for: Children | Youth | Young Adults