The Episcopal Home

“For the body is not one member, but many.” – Corinthians 12:14

We thrive when we are in community – whether we come together in worship or to help those around us as stewards of God.

But, often, the elderly population is forgotten within the community. Years ago, as a diocese, we decided we would no longer let this happen. This is how our Episcopal Home was founded in 1927.

We invite you to celebrate this shared mission by visiting and adding a picture to our collage. Through this collage, see how we are all woven in the mission of the Episcopal Home together.

We also invite you to make a donation to the Episcopal Home. If every household in the Diocese contributes $25, the Home will be able to provide care, services, and activities for its residents throughout this year.

The Episcopal Home Mission Sunday

The Episcopal Home Mission Sunday is August 4, 2019. Please join us in celebrating this shared mission!

Here are ways you can celebrate The Episcopal Home:

Resources for: Children | Youth | Young Adults