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February 2020 Celebrate Christian Education and Formation Sunday

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“Being formed as followers of Jesus is a lifelong learning process that empowers each one of us to engage in the holy work that God has given us. Whether it is a Godly Play class, a week-long Vacation Bible School, a Sunday Forum, a Bible study or preparation for a call to ordered ministry we celebrate together the wonderful opportunities
we have to learn and grow.”
–The Rev. Canon David Lovelace

Ways to celebrate with us…

Attend our Learning Weekend on February 21st and 22nd in Danville at the St. Cyril Center, where we will celebrate with outstanding faculty and students. Dr. Deirdre Good and The Rev. Gina Campbell will guide us through our focus theme:  The Church and Change in a Time of Anxiety. To register visit,  

Invite a student, Dean Robyn Szoke-Coolidge or SSFM Advisory board chair, The Rev. David Lovelace,  to preach or teach! Celebrate Theological Education Sunday. If you cannot make this happen in February, consider celebrating another month in 2020.

Students that are ready to preach or lead a forum/discussion on the importance of Christian Education and Faith Formation in the parish and in the household. 

Bradley Mattson, from St. Thomas Lancaster
Dina Ishler, from St. Edwards Lancaster
Ted Christopher, From St. Andrew’s State College
Allison Carnahan, from St. Paul’s Harrisburg

Give to support Christian Education in your parish, your convocation, your favorite seminary, or to The Stevenson School for Ministry.  You can make a gift to The Stevenson School for Ministry here.

Take a course together with members of your parish or take a course for your own continuing education.  To register for the Spring 2020 Term Courses, visit  Because of the newly created voucher system, all Shaped by Faith courses are free!

Together we are creating a community of common theological depth and strength that will have a long-term impact. Theological education is exciting and promising and it’s an urgent priority for the church today.

For questions, contact The Very Rev. Robyn Szoke-Coolidge, Dean of the Stevenson School for Ministry, (717) 236-5959 ext. 1112, (cell) 717-315-8088 or

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