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Heaven’s Special Child Bible Study

Heaven’s Special Child Bible Study

Heaven’s Special Child Bible Study meets last Saturday of the month, every month at St. John’s, Marietta. At this time, Rev. Gina does the lesson. We use visual aids and also a flannel board to illustrate the story. We have done Noah’s Ark, which we had old Fisher Price plastic animals and we happened to have 2 of everyone. The children when it was their turn, put the animals in a box, which we used for an “ark”.

The same kids/adults that come to fun night usually come to Bible Study. The past couple of months, it has been held at my home since my youngest daughter is recovering from multiple surgeries. A meal is prepared. Then we listen to Rev. Gina tell a Bible Story. The kids listen and then she asks simple, but brief questions. Following that, we do a craft related to the story. The level of the kids/adults is pretty much the same as the participants at Fun Night/We Share. If there is time left over, then we read a story from a Preschool Bible. This is on a level that some of the kids can participate and read a page or two out loud.

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