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Hilltoppers Program

Hilltoppers Program

St. Andrew’s in the Valley Episcopal Church, Harrisburg, PA

The Hilltoppers are a group of special needs adults who meet at St. Andrew’s in the Valley on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  We begin each evening with dinner and fellowship and then we have a schedule that we follow.  The evening generally includes a movie night, game night or craft night and sometimes with a special theme.  We then have a biblical story with discussion and a time of concerns, thanksgiving and prayer.  We then have a craft, game(s) or movie.  

Currently, we have 10 registered Hilltoppers and their caretakers attending on any given night.  We also have about 5 to 8 volunteers on any given night.  This is a joint ministry between St. Andrew’s in the Valley Episcopal Church and The Old Catholic Church.  The Rev. Canon Nelson K. Baliira, rector of St. Andrew’s and Bishop Michael Scalzi, priest at St. Joseph’s Old Catholic Parish both support this ministry and one or both are present on the group nights.  They usually offer the biblical story, discussion, and prayers.  We end each evening with a prayer that we have adopted as our Hilltoppers prayer.  

For questions or more information, contact St. Andrew’s in the Valley, Harrisburg, (717) 657-8583 or visit

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