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Holy Week 2020 – Good Friday

Resources for Holy Week

Good Friday — April 10, 2020

Christians have considered the meaning of Jesus’ death on the Cross since the day it happened. Jesus’ crucifixion provides insight into the meaning of our own mortality as well as our portion in sharing in Christ’s baptism, life, death, and resurrection. The synoptic Gospel writers share seven statements that Jesus offered as he died. His’ words offer forgiveness, hope, love, and desperation, and fulfillment to everyone who heeds and acts faithfully upon them. Consequently, Christians have traditionally offered particular attention to the Seven Last Words on Good Friday.

This year lay and ordained Episcopalians from around the diocese will participate in a virtual offering of The Seven Last Words from 12 Noon until 3:00 pm on Good Friday. (Apr, 10). The program will include elements of our Book of Common Prayer Good Friday liturgy as well as prayers and collects. Musical interludes will offer time for contemplation or departure. The highlight of the program will be offerings and homilies that a small group of preachers and worship leaders will share with the virtual congregation who participate. Viewers and listeners are welcome to come and go as well as follow along with their bibles and prayer books.

Join us as we engage and share in this unique offering of Jesus’ Last Saying on the Cross.

The Good Friday Virtual Worship Service Part 1

The Good Friday Virtual Worship Service Part 2

The Good Friday Virtual Worship Service Part 3

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