Cathedral Study Council Task Force

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Our Bishop has convened a task force, named the Cathedral Study Council, to study the role and function of our Diocesan Cathedral and Pro-Cathedral. This groups charge is to study the historic role of cathedrals, and gather information on the potential future of our cathedrals. You will be asked, in a survey, about your past and potential future involvement in the life of our Cathedrals.

Those on the study council are: Kedren Crosby, St. James’ Lancaster; Walter Nicholson, Christ Church Williamsport; Elizabeth Ford, St. Andrew’s State College; Mary Novello, St. Luke’s Mechanicsburg; the Rev. Adam Kradel, St. John’s Carlisle; Ryan Tobin, St. Andrew’s Harrisburg; David Poch, Trinity Pro-Cathedral Williamsport; the Rev. Howie Sasser, St. Paul’s Bloomsburg; the Rev. Gary Harke, St. Stephen’s Harrisburg; Ms. Anne Yellott, St. Stephen’s Harrisburg; the Rev. Amy Welin, St. Stephen’s Harrisburg; the Rev. Ken Wagner-Pizza Trinity Williamsport; Asa Coulson, St. James’ Lancaster; the Rt. Rev Audrey Scanlan, Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

These people represent all the major regions of our diocese, lay people and clergy, those who have been a part of the life of our cathedrals and those who are new to the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. Our goal is to gather information on your potential involvement in the life of the cathedrals and then craft recommendations the leadership of those institutions.

We ask for your participation in the survey, and for your prayer and feedback as we go about the process of building up this community in the Kingdom of God. To participate in the online survey, click here. To download the survey, click here. Completed copies are due by March 16 to Work Wisdom, Suite 210, 8 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA 17603.

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