Current Disciplinary Matter

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The Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania received a complaint alleging sexual misconduct by The Rev. Frank Edmands, a former priest in the diocese. The complaint was made by a former acolyte of the priest’s church. Rev. Edmands, who is presumed to be innocent of charges, is now canonically resident in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

The intake stage began in November of 2018. The Title IV case officially started in November 2019 and has been pending since. The President of the Diocesan Disciplinary Board has named a three-person Hearing Panel, composed of clergy and lay members, to hear the matter pursuant to the Canons of the Episcopal Church. Presently, the matter is in the discovery stage before the Hearing Panel, following which it is expected that the Hearing Panel will convene a public hearing to take the testimony of witnesses and act on applications of counsel. The complainant’s name has been redacted from posted documents by order of the Hearing Panel.

–The Rt. Rev. Audrey C. Scanlan, XI Bishop

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