Health Update & Thank you note from Bishop Baxter

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To the Diocesan family: I am recovering nicely from my last surgical procedure (5/22), per my recent medical exam.  I have more schedule exams over next month, including pathology report. But I can feel the progress and all physical evidence reported by health professionals is encouraging. I went out yesterday for the first time and took a walk.  It was about 1/4 mile with a lot of stops to rest and sometimes visiting with a neighbor to collect myself.  But I made it…and in one piece…exhausted…but proud of myself. Please know that I continue to be deeply grateful for all the cards, messages, other expressions of support; most especially for the prayers.  For me James 5:16 is not a quaint adage; it’s a truth of faith which I truly believe and am a beneficiary. With a grateful heart, I am yours affectionately, +Nathan
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