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Nominees to Diocesan Convention

The following people have been elected to Diocesan Leadership Positions:

Standing Committee

The Rev. Kevin Barron
The Rev. Jennifer Mattson

Ms. Laura Gottfried-Letsche

Council of Trustees

The Rev. Regina Bautista

Mr. Miguel Gonzales
Ms. Melanie Graves

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Allison Carnahan
The Rev. Jeff Packard

Sarah Weedon


2021 Annual Diocesan Convention Leadership Committee Nominees
The Nominees to Diocesan Convention video made for 2021 Diocesan Convention, can be viewed by clicking on “play.”

All first-term except as noted and all Nominees listed below in alphabetical order.

Standing Committee:
Elect 2 Clergypersons & 2 Laypeople – Can run two successive terms of 3yrs each.


The Rev. Kevin Barron
, St. Luke’s, Altoona  

For ten years I have had the privilege of serving the church in a variety of capacities.  Doing so has enabled me to work with a variety of people across our diocese as we seek to respond to who and what God calls us to be in the world.  Professionally, I work in alumni relations. In that capacity, I work with a team that engages and supports approximately 1000 alumni leaders.  The work requires the full utilization of my collaborative, creative, teaching, administrative, and listening skills. I look forward to what the Holy Spirit has in store for our diocese.

The Rev. Ed Erb, Rector: St. Paul’s, Wellsboro

I return to the Diocese (born in Lock Haven, graduated from Lycoming College) after 20 years serving 2 parishes in the Diocese of Bethlehem.  Raised up for ordination by Christ Church, Williamsport and All Saints, Hershey, having served both parishes as Organist-Choirmaster.  As lay-person, I served as a Youth Leader (on staff for AgapeLand, and Youth Conferences), and Co-Chair of the Liturgy & Music Commission.  In Bethlehem, I was for periods Canon for Liturgy and Music and for Youth Ministries and served as Advocate for a clergy-person accused of misconduct.  Asked by Bethlehem’s Archdeacon to serve on S.C., I helped re-organized Diocesan organizations.  As the only full-time clergy in the Northern Tier, it is apparent that a voice from up here is welcome to serve the Diocese.

The Rev. Jennifer Mattson, Rector: St. Thomas, Lancaster

Jennifer is the rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Lancaster. Priest, wife, and mother of four, she lives in the city of Lancaster with her family. Jennifer is passionate about anti-racism work and is involved with POWER locally, working towards fair funding for children in the state of PA. She volunteers at the local prison where she brings her love of music. She is an avid gardener, enthusiastic dancer, and self-described introvert who prefers to pray on walks in the woods. Jennifer is currently discerning a call to vocation in the Community of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. She has previously served on the Council of Trustees and will be serving as a delegate at General Convention. She is currently serving as a member of the Diocesan Evangelism Committee.

The Rev. Anjel Scarborough, Rector: All Saints, Hershey

As an “almost lifelong” Episcopalian, I bring a depth of experience and spiritual grounding to serve the Standing Committee. Having served on the Diocese of Maryland’s Commission on Ministry, I understand first-hand the importance of communication between the COM and the Standing Committee in helping those in the ordination process discern their vocation to serve Christ. My work in congregational vitality has shown me we must respond to a rapidly changing spiritual landscape faithfully and creatively. I’ve served in a variety of lay and ordained parish contexts in California, Maryland, and now Pennsylvania.


Laura Gottfried-Letsche, St. Luke’s, Altoona, running for a second term

After serving the last half-year with the Standing Committee, filling a vacancy, I am really eager to continue, and to learn and grow as part of this group of people. I feel very called to explore more at the diocesan level, and truly hope to have the opportunity to do so. I have a good working knowledge of policies and procedures, and how they relate to parishes in our diocese.  Demonstrated participation and leadership in evangelism and outreach, especially as they pertain to issues of poverty and hunger in our communities.  A willingness to learn and share ways to fulfill God’s mission in our diocese.

 Council of Trustees:
1 Clergyperson & 2 Laypersons – can run successive 3yr terms.


 The Rev. Regina Bautista, Rector: St. John’s, Marietta
“Then I hear the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ And I said, “Here am I; send me.”  (Isaiah 6:8)






The Rev. Jan Brown, Deacon: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, York

I was ordained as a vocational deacon on 10/31/10, have served at St. John, York, St. Paul’s, Manheim, currently at St. Andrew’s, York.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 40 years professional experience in the mental health and health fields. I have worked in non-profit agencies, community and university hospital settings, and with complex organization policy and procedure. I am now a psychotherapist in a private practice setting where I have worked full time for 17 years.  To this specific position and to any ministry in the Church, I bring clinical and pastoral care skills of deep relationship, written and communication skills, a preference for teamwork, an understanding of organizational dynamics and task orientation, concern for helping “administration” and “institution” serve ministry, active continuing education, and a deep commitment to bringing Jesus’ love to people who are sick, lonely, marginalized, and in any kind of need.

The Rev. James Jenkins, Deacon, running for a second term

I have been a deacon for six years and have served in three parishes during that time. I have been active in hospice and homeless ministry. I have also been active in Christian education at the parish level. On a professional level, I have worked in healthcare compliance and internal auditing for 25 years. In those capacities, I have developed a strong background in management evaluation, financial controls, and governance. Prior to my time as an internal auditor, I was an officer in the Air Force and retired in 1994.


Miguel Gonzales, Church of the Nativity Newport/Thompsontown

I bring with me the ability to listen and reflect. In previous roles on various boards, I have been able to use this skillset to allow opposing viewpoints to sit with me so that I could reflect on how someone else is achieving the same task. I think this is very important when working on any board as it allows all voices to be valued. Additionally, I have the ability to curate words to be best fit a situation; this allows for concise and efficient wording to be implemented in published material.


Melanie Graves, St. Mary’s, Waynesboro

I have lived most of my life within the borders of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, attending churches in the Northern and Southern Tier of the Diocese (and many in between). As a member of St. Mary’s Waynesboro, I’ve served in enough roles to develop skills required to evaluate needs and strengths, to plan events, to lead functional tasks and educational opportunities, and to develop meaningful relationships. My career and my involvement in my community have allowed me to develop skills need to network, create plans for improvement, and support individuals, as well as, programs in their journeys toward sustainability.

Disciplinary Board:
For the Disciplinary Board there are 9 members, five clergy, four laypersons – each year elect three persons to serve for a term of three years. Persons elected shall be from each order as required to maintain the required complement of the board.
Can run successive 3 yr. terms.
Year 2021 Elect: 2 Clergypersons & 1 Layperson


The  Rev. Allison Carnahan, Priest Associate: St. Paul’s, Bloomsburg & Christ Memorial, Danville & Church of The Resurrection Mission, Mt. Carmel

I am looking for ways to serve the Diocesan community in addition to the churches I am called to serve. As part of my recent ordination, I committed to taking my share in serving the councils of the Church. I have a deep sense of integrity, not only in my ministry but in my personal life.  In addition to understanding the need for living a life of integrity when serving in ministry, I also believe it is important to provide compassionate and prayerful consideration whenever an issue is brought before the disciplinary board.

The Rev. Jeff Packard, Rector: St. Andrew’s, State College
I have been a priest for 25 years and have served in this diocese and the Diocese of Virginia.  I previously served on the disciplinary board in Virginia. Many years ago, when the Diocese of Central PA first established a response team to respond to allegations of clergy sexual misconduct, I was appointed to be part of the inaugural team by Bishop Creighton.  My background in psychology prior to ordination and having served in two parishes that had experienced clergy-induced trauma immediately before my tenure have prepared me to confront misconduct when it occurs.  Compassion for all involved is the difficult balance I would try to strike if elected to serve on this unpleasant but necessary board.


Karen Stewart, Holy Trinity, Hollidaysburg

I bring a willingness to learn, listen, reflect, respect, do, create, and guide.



Sarah Weedon, St. Paul’s, Harrisburg

Executive Director of the Dauphin County Assistance Office.   Duties include but not limited to overseeing a staff of 250 to 300 employees in providing Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, medical Assistance to needy Dauphin individuals.  Review and approved all Personnel actions, hiring, discipline actions including all steps of the process up to and including termination. Writing policy, procedures and regulations to ensure State and Federal Government are in compliance. Analytical and Communications are outstanding.

The deadline for submissions was June 22, 2021. For more information, click here. To download the nomination form, click here and submit via email to Amy Swiernik.

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