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Out of the Depths: a liturgy of remembrance for those we love who died from COVID-19

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Dear Members of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania,

This week we reached a milestone in the pandemic surpassing 500,000 Covid-19-related deaths in the United States. More Americans have died from this disease now, than the casualties that we suffered in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War, combined. Across our global community, the toll of the pandemic has reached nearly 2.5 million. The loss is staggering.

For each death suffered, there are a great number of family, friends and loved ones who mourn. The whole world laments with sighs and groans too deep for words, and the Spirit intercedes for us, in this time of despair. (Romans 8)

And, we are called to community: to gather as we can, to find strength from each other, and to seek the consolation that the Church at prayer can give us. We gather as a people seeking the assurance of a God who can make all things new, and who is steadfast in faith and never failing.

On Saturday evening, February 27 at 6 PM, we will be holding a special Zoom service for participation across our diocese. We will come together in prayer with each other and with God to seek comfort in our affliction and to pay tribute to those who have gone before us. Please follow the instructions below to join in the prayer service. There will be an opportunity in the service to add the name of those whom you love but see no longer.

Out of the Depths: a liturgy of remembrance for those
we love who died from COVID-19
Saturday, February 27 at 6 pm 

Register for the Zoom Webinar 

To watch the live stream, click here. For the service bulletin in .pdf format, click here. For the service bulletin in Word, click here.

You are invited to have a candle ready to light in remembrance of those who have died. 

If you would like to include your loved one in the prayers during worship, or have any questions, please contact The Rev. Canon Chris Streeter.

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