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Post Annual Diocesan Convention Wrap-Up

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To all those in our diocese who joined us at the 149th Annual Diocesan Convention, thank you! Many, many thanks to all of our volunteers and much appreciation to the Children and Youth program volunteers. We are excited to continue on the Shaped by Faith journey with you. To learn more about Shaped by Faith, click here to watch a two-minute video from Bishop Audrey Scanlan.

To learn more about Shaped by Faith Learning Opportunities available through the Stevenson School for Ministry, click here.

To learn more about Shaped by Faith, click here. If you were not in attendance at Diocesan Convention and would like to watch the Convention videos, you can do so on the Diocesan Facebook page by clicking here.

The following people were elected to diocesan committees:

Standing Committee
The Rev. Veronica Chappell
The Rev. Dr. Greg Welin
Nicolette Norris
Kathy Hettinga

Council of Trustees
The Very Rev. Dr. Amy Welin
Allison Carnahan
Thomas Hinton

Disciplinary Board
Robert Davis, Jr.

Deputies to General Convention, Baltimore 2021
The Rev. Canon Dan Morrow
The Rev. Shayna Watson
The Rev. Canon Katherine Harrigan
The Rev. Jennifer Mattson
Clergy Alternate: The Rev. Veronica Chappell
Anthony Alexander
Amy Swiernik
Charles Banks
Nicolette Norris
Lay Alternate: Drew Dorgan For questions regarding Diocesan Convention, please contact Canon Alexis Guszick,

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