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Implementation Commission

Shaped by Faith Implementation Commission



The Shaped by Faith Implementation Commission supports the ongoing work in our Diocese to increase strength and vitality through regional projects. The Commission will request updates of current projects and review renewal applications for continued funding (annually).



The Shaped by Faith Implementation Commission will be comprised of 10 members:

1 Leader from each of our seven Diocesan regions (Lay or Clergy)

1 Member of Council of Trustees

1 Member of Finance Committee

Associate for Shaped by Faith



The Commission will meet six times annually and engage project leaders at least twice annually:



The Commission will initiate a progress session with each region approximately six months after a regional project has begun. Goals and metrics will be reviewed and, if needed, amended. A progress summary will be requested from the regional team in advance of this session.



The Commission will require a renewal application be submitted to secure funding and continue the project. Grant applications may only seek funding for a 12 month period. Goals and metrics will be reviewed and, if needed, amended. The Commission will make a funding level recommendation for each project.

Grant Commission Members

Convenor: Kevin Barron

West Branch: Suzan McGary

Northern Tier: Fred LaVancher

Susquehanna: Allison Carnahan

Harrisburg: Anjel Scarborough

Altoona: Elisa Edgar

Lancaster: Don Baldwin

Southern: Grant Ambrose

COT: Richard Koch

Finance: Herb Sprouse


Sarah Stonesifer Boylan

Mary Powell

Tom Roche

Chris Streeter

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