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Shaped by Faith Summer Webinar Series

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Shaped by Faith
Summer Webinar Series
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Anglican Identity: Spirituality & Temperament
Wednesday, July 8 @ 7 pm
COVID-19 has disrupted much of the way we function as a community. Canon Streeter and Canon Morrow will discuss our unique identity as Anglicans, rooting us in the central tenets and practices of our faith. 

Mission vs. Sustainability
Tuesday, July 14 @ 7 pm
The uncertainty of this season can cause us to turn inward and focus on the sustainability and maintenance of our institutions. Canon Streeter will engage our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan, in conversation around God’s invitation for a renewed focus on missional priorities in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

Self-Differentiated Leadership
Wednesday, July 22 @ 7 pm
Empathy is a necessary skill for pastoral leaders. How do we share the worries, anxieties, and fears of our community in healthy, life-giving ways? Rooted in the work of Ed Friedman, Canon Streeter will be joined by The Rev. Paul Frolick, Director of the College for Congregational Development in the Diocese of Rochester, to discuss the practice of self-differentiated leadership. 

To download the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

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