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SSFM Webinar: Releasing our Resiliency/Sparking our Imagination

January 9, 2020, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Our presenter: Rev. Gina Gilland Campbell, a retired United Methodist minister and adjunct faculty member at Wesley Seminary, served as the first non-Episcopalian to lead Washington National Cathedral’s Worship life.

Rev. Campbell believes we become what we pray.  A liturgist’s gestures, presence, and care with primary symbols shape the deep religious affections and lived prayer of the worshipping Body of Christ.

Thirty years of engagement with Family Systems thinking informs her teaching.  She invites students to live out of their own authenticity, to connect deeply with others, to discover the calm and confident leadership that arises.

In four decades of ministry, she has served churches in Georgia, New Jersey, Texas and Maryland.

Our audience: This webinar is offered at no charge to all clergy, lay leaders, students and friends of the Stevenson School for Ministry courtesy of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.  This time of “calming the body and angering the soul” will help us all reflect on restorative leadership practices for these times of high-anxiety.

Join us to consider how using our moral imagination is the best defense against hard times and the best insurance of our personal and our community resiliency.
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