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SSFM Podcast Series

The Rev. Dr. Gayle Fisher-Stewart and the Rev. Shayna Watson discuss concepts of racial justice contained in the book, Preaching Black Lives (Matter), Church Publishing, 2020 and the Spring Term course that Fisher-Stewart will teach for the Stevenson School. Preaching and teaching about race in the Episcopal Church takes courage – but is vital to the elimination of racism in both the church and society. The interview is part of the SSFM Live series which highlights how the Stevenson School is engaged in current issues of our day.

Podcast Series

Lament as a Threshold to Hope

Dr. Gina Campbell offers wisdom on ways of practicing forward by working through lament, capturing change, and vision to move onward with hope. Right now, we wonder, “how is it with our hearts and souls?”  Join us and discover how we hold open this uncertain time to move with deeper vision and clearer presence.

Breathing in Christ

Join The Rev. Marsha Roscoe, Associate Dean of Stevenson School for Ministry with her weekly podcasts from Breathing in Christ and discover deeper more authentic life in Jesus.

Shaped by Faith

Lectionary podcasts, The Lectionary For Preachers, Pundits, & Public Proclaimer. Join us as we Journey with well-known theologians through the liturgical year.  Hosted and developed by Dr. Deirdre Good, Featuring Dr. Joshua Davis, Dean of The Alabama Integrative Ministry School and Dr. Althea Spenser Miller, Assistant professor of New Testament at Drew University Theological School.