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Welcome to your SSFM Alumni Page! Here you will find stories, programs, and events happening at the Stevenson School for Ministry to help you  remain connected with this faith community.  We are most excited about the “Explore the world of our Graduates” section.  We invite you to complete the mini template provided to keep our community up to date about what you’re doing and how God is using you to build his kingdom. 

The Reverend Kevin Barron, SSFM graduate and instructor

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Featured Alumni

Martha Lester Harris

On May 8, 2021, Martha Lester Harris graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree, and a Certificate in Anglican Studies, a program jointly offered by the Seminary and the Stevenson School for Ministry.  Her highest academic achievement to date, these degrees culminate a lifetime of service and faithful lay ministry in the Episcopal Church.

Martha is an entrepreneur who founded Fizika Group, LLC in 2010 (www.fizikagroup.com) to help educators and senior living communities apply brain science to help students learn and seniors to age with grace and dignity.  She continues to work with Fizika after graduation, where she is developing workshops on spiritual wellness.  In May, she delivered two in-person workshops for Pathways Institute. https://www.thepathwaysinstitute.org/

In addition to her work with Fizika, Martha is serving as Outreach Coordinator for Gestalt Pastoral Care Associates, a non profit network of ecumenical clergy and lay leaders who provide healing and spiritual support.  Founded by The Rev. Tilda Norberg, Gestalt Pastoral Care is rooted in the Christian ministry of healing and integrates Gestalt growth work, spiritual companioning and prayers for healing. As Outreach Coordinator, Martha is working to secure continuing education approval for GPCA’s profressional development offerings. www.gestaltpastoralcare.org

Martha, her husband Randy, and daughter Kathryn reside in downtown Lancaster.  They are active members of Saint James Episcopal Church in Lancaster.   Daughter Amana Harris Eden resides in Quarryville with her husband, The Rev. Chris Eden, Senior Pastor of Memorial Methodist Church.  The Edens have four children.

Michael Panzarella

Since ordination to the priesthood, I have continued maintaining ministerial work with two parishes: Grace-St. Paul’s in Mercerville, NJ and St. Luke’s in Ewing, NJ.  At St. Luke’s, I remain working as a youth minister, now planning to reconnect with other nearby parishes in our convocation for outreach projects and fellowship among the youth that we began relationships with prior to the pandemic.  Shared ministries, I believe, are vital to the development and sustainability of many ministries; as such, it is an exciting endeavor. 

At Grace-St. Paul’s, I have taken on the work of transitioning the website to a new provider and helping set up a new structure and layout for their website, a primary source to keep the people of the parish informed and connected. Starting this month, I began serving as a supply priest for Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mercerville, NJ as they begin their transition process into discernment for a new priest-in-charge.  This is a humbling opportunity to serve a parish that I began in as a seminarian in the Fall of 2019, continued as an intern in the Fall of 2020, and remained working with them as a deacon after ordination in October of 2020.  To have the opportunity to continue working with such an incredible congregation is an absolute blessing.  

I am grateful for the learning experience and formation from the professors at the Stevenson School for Ministry.  Thank you!

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