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Interested In Exploring Lay Ministries?

All Christians are called to love and serve others.  For some that takes the form of ordained ministry as an Episcopal Priest or as an Episcopal Deacon.  For others there are a variety of ministries of the people in our dioceses, our parishes, or our communities.  However, there are a distinctive set of ministries, provided for by our church’s canon law, that require training and licensure by our Bishop.  Preparation in the Stevenson School does not obligate the Bishop to grant a license, but rather provides a quality education experience that will form you spiritually and intellectually for the work.


Prerequisites for all Lay Ministry SSFM Certificates:
  • Be a confirmed communicant in good standing of one of our parishes.
  • Complete the Becoming the Beloved Community course.
  • Possess a current certification in Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People.


Application Process:

To apply for any of these certification tracks, please send an email to either Dean Robyn Szoke-Coolidge, rszoke@diocesecpa.org or Associate Dean Michael Nailor, mnailor@diocesecpa.org.