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Becoming Beloved Community 1


Sep 23 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Collaborative Mission Center

Grow into an ecumenical theological formation center striving to equip leaders with the necessary spiritual training and essential ministry tools to address the urgent and practical realities of ministry.

Using the framework of the Episcopal Church’s “Becoming a Beloved Community” this course on antiracism will lead participants through four pillars rooted in the Baptismal Covenant: Telling the Truth about the Church and Race; Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community; Practicing the Way of Love; Repairing the Breach in our Churches; and Repairing the Breach in Society and Institutions. The course is designed to provide future and current leaders of the church with the knowledge and background to combat the sin of racism as an integral component of our Christian formation, particularly focusing on dismantling systemic racism within and outside of the institution of the Church. This course defines racism as the combination of racial prejudice, racial discrimination, and power and not the bad acts of misguided individuals.  The Beloved Community is defined as one that seeks and promotes justice for the least among us.

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