If you are brand new to SSFM and want to register for a learning module or seminar, please find the event on the front page of our website, click the register button, and follow the instructions.

If you are a student at Lancaster Theological Seminary and wish to register for courses related to the Certificate for Anglican Studies, please register through the Seminary and not through this SSFM website.

POPULI COURSES -To review our current vocational (10-week)  courses click here.

If you are a current or former SSFM student and want to take a 10-week course, please log in to Populi by clicking here.

1. Click on My Profile.

2. Click on Registration.

3.  Review courses listed.

4.  Choose the courses you would like to take by clicking on the appropriate “+” sign.

  • If you are in a certification program, you must take the course for credit.
  • If you are a continuing education student, you may take courses for credit or you may audit courses.
  • For credit: work toward completing one of our certificate programs. For the list, click here.
  • For audit: participate in the course without having to complete the assignments. You will receive no grade for the course. Also, it is less expensive.
  • You may select multiple courses.  Once you have selected all the courses for which you wish to register, click “Save”.
5-week LEARNING MODULES – To view our current learning modules, click here.

If you are registering for a Learning Module, a Collaborative Mission Center module or a Shaped by Faith module, please use the course listings on the front page of this website to register for your courses. 

Once you have registered, your courses will be listed in the “My Courses” section. Click on the course title to enter it.  If you would like to register for another learning module, please use the “Add A Course” link.

COURSE REQUIREMENTPlease note courses meet via Zoom, our online video teleconferencing software, and working audio and video are required. For questions regarding course requirements, contact SSFM.

PAYMENT PROCESS:  For 10-week courses you will receive an invoice for all tuition costs. Tuition help is available to students in the Episcopal Diocese of Central PA.  If you need tuition assistance, please email SSFM.  For other learning modules and events, payment is expected in the registration process.

DROP/ADD INFORMATION: You may delete a course and add other courses until two weeks after our courses begin – when registration closes.  We do not permit students to drop courses after the add/drop deadline. If you drop out of a course after the add/drop deadline, you will still be expected to pay the full price for the course, and you will receive an “F” if the course is for credit.

If you have any questions about course availability or concerns, please contact SSFM.

If you would like information on how to incorporate an SSFM course in your parish at any time of the year, please click here.