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Lay Social Justice Missioner Certificate

Consider the Need

The Episcopal Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, noted at a recent executive council meeting that church wide we are expanding and deepening our ongoing work of racial justice and reconciliation.

Along with his staff, he has initiated a churchwide effort for truth and reconciliation. There are great resources, such as Sacred Ground, as well as the discoveries from the racial justice audit of Episcopal Church Leadership that are guides to the formation work, we need to do. 

what is the Social Justice Missioner Certificate?

A systematic approach to engage the fundamental issues at the heart of racial justice. This certificate is designed for anyone with an interest in challenging racism at a structural or systemic level within the church and community. You do not have to be in a specific leadership role in order to benefit from the content offered.

Develop a Learning plan

This certificate offers a self-structured learning approach where each student is invited to work with the Dean of SSFM to put together a learning plan that considers previous experiences, training, and courses of study.  SSFM offers a sequence of courses and modules to choose from that includes offerings through Lower Susquehanna Synod-ELCA through their Justice Academy and resources from The Episcopal Church.

Each participant is invited to prayerfully develop their own learning plan.  Specifically: Name your goals, or name exactly what you want to learn.

Meeting The Requirements

Build a learning plan that includes:

  • Racial Justice Values and Vision
  • Key Concepts: Different Dimensions of Racism / Structural Racism
  • Implicit Bias and Systems Analysis
  • Opportunities to Advance Racial Justice

Completion of SJM Certificate

Minimum of 6 courses, 4 webinars / learning weekends / and an opportunity to put learning into practice.

Through this course of study, you will discover:

  1. Frameworks and models to unravel the dynamics of race and racism
  2. The opportunity to practice behaviors that can help develop capacities needed to lead from a more conclusive orientation.
  3. Cultural competency through the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), which is the premiere cross-culturally valid assessment for building cultural competence.
  4. How to lead with inclusive and racially-just leadership practices.
  5. How to engage in racial dialogue where dignity is centered as a non-negotiable tenet.
  6. Develop an intersectional “systems map” that identifies the barriers to equity present within the church and community.
  7. Identifying the historical and modern leadership approaches used by racial justice activists.
  8. How to create an action plan which demonstrates my understanding of the structural nature of racism and exclusion.