Our Learning Covenant With You

Our agreement with you consists of several parts:

▶︎ Statement on Diversity

The Stevenson School for Ministry intentionally engages students to lead in a diverse world…

▶︎ Statement on Academic Integrity

Students are expected to perform academic work honestly and fairly…

▶︎ Statement of Attendance

SSFM expects regular attendance/participation in each course as described in the syllabus…

▶︎ Policy Statement on Technology

Most courses involve a high level of online content and interaction. Access to the internet at speeds that allow effective use of the ZOOM platform for live online discussions is essential…

▶︎ Learning Covenant of Presence

Be present to the fellow students in your cohort, extending and presuming welcome during all class sessions.

The Learning Covenant, listed below, should be thoroughly reviewed, downloaded, and digitally signed.

Please digitally sign your acceptance of the The Stevenson School for Ministry’s Learning Covenant by completing the boxes below. Once you have entered your first name, last name and date, please click “Digitally Sign the SSFM Learning Covenant and the form will be emailed to the Assistant Dean.