The Collaborative Mission Center

Tuesdays 7 – 8:30 PM

Prayer Practices for Parish life     

August 17 – The BCP and Praying the Offices

August 24 – The BCP and Praying the Offices

August 31 – Learning to pray naturally, in your own words

Sept. 7 – Prayer through work and action.

Sept 14 – Creative expressions of prayer

Sept 21 –  Prayer in Holy Silence, Taizé

Aug 17 – Sept 21

Learn how to empower leaders in small groups to deepen spiritual practices, including the use of the BCP, saying the offices, extemporaneous prayer, prayer in action, creative expressions of prayer, and prayer through Holy Silence and Taizé. Led by both clergy and laity. (Six sessions)


Laity and clergy of the Diocese.  (Free/ SbF voucher)

Equipping small group leaders

October 19 – Small group formation

October 26 – Small group formation

November 2 – Small group formation

November 9 – Small group formation

Oct 19 – Nov 9

A small group leader is not a teacher, but rather holds a sacred space for respectful conversation, shared learnings, and deepening faith. The author of Gather Us In: Leading Transformational Small Groups explores how to become an effective leader who guides a group through change to belonging and maturity. (4 sessions)Angela Schaffner ($45/SbF voucher)

Leading Bible study in small groups

December 7 – Scripture study I

December 14 – Scripture study I

December 21 – Scripture study I

 Dec 7 – 21

Get a solid, basic understanding of Scripture. Become familiar with the themes, narratives and background to the books of the Bible. Learn methods in sharing Scripture (3 sessions)

Sharon Pearson ($45/SbF voucher)

To download the entire 2021-2022 schedule of modules, click here.