SSFM Advisory Board Info

SSFM Mission

  • We are a learning community forming lay and ordained leadership for the church of today and the future. Our mission is to inspire and equip leaders to deeply proclaim the life-giving good news of Christ.

  • Purpose: to support the development of a Collaborative lifelong formation designed for engaging in and deepening faith through comprehensive integrated learning.

  • Resources (modules, courses, learning weekends and practicum days) for individuals and congregations to form and strengthen Christian leadership in The Diocese of Central PA, The Diocese of Bethlehem, The Diocese of Pittsburgh, and The Lower Susquehanna Synod.

Board Members

  • Chair of the Board:  The Rev. Canon David Lovelace

  • Dean of the School:  The Very Rev. Robyn Szoke-Coolidge

  • The Rev. Dr. David Zwifka, St. Luke’s Lebanon, PA, chair of the curriculum team

  • The Rev. Canon Jay Geisler, Diocese of Pittsburgh, curriculum team

  • The Rev. Michael Nailor, Diocese of Central PA, Secretary, and chair of the Marketing Team

  • Maribeth Seibert, Esquire, St. John’s Carlisle

  • Jane Gable. Sr. Warden, St. Luke’s Altoona

  • The Rev. Jane Miron, Archdeacon, Diocese of Central PA

  • Deacon Marsha Roscoe, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

  • Mary Ellen Kilp, Diocese of Central PA, Youth Committee chair

  • Aime Confer, St. John’s Carlisle, Children and Family chair

  • Click here to see a list of the board teams.

Board Goals and Minutes and Dean’s Report

  • To see the 2020 Advisory Board Goals, click here.

  • To see the Advisory Board minutes for May 2020, click here.

  • To see the Dean’s Report for 2020, click here.