We can help you with your parish education needs!

We have a variety of courses that are easily adapted at your convenience for use in your parish for a seasonal study (Advent, Lent, etc.) or any time of the year.

Here are THREE easy ways you can use SSFM in your parish:

1. Group Study of Learning Modules

Consider using 3-5 week modules to equip new ministries, build learning communities, lead creative Bible studies, or facilitate confirmation and baptism preparations.

If you do not have the time to create new educational content, give the Stevenson School a try.  Our modules are free (with a Shaped by Faith voucher) and are led by engaging faculty. Contact the dean if you would like to share a learning module or need someone to facilitate.

  • Discovery of Gifts
  • Holy Listening
  • Prayer Practices
  • Forming Small Groups
  • Leading Bible Study

For a more detailed description of the learning modules, click here.

2. Faculty-Led Short-Term Courses

We have an excellent array of short-term courses (4, 5, or 6 weeks in length) led by our superb faculty that can be used in your parish.  Some examples include:

  • “Conversations in Celtic Spirituality”
    • For more information about this course Celtic spiritual practices, please contact Dr. Mark Scheneman by clicking here.
  • “Becoming the Beloved Community”
    • For more information about this course on racial justice, please contact Mr. Kevin Barron by clicking here.
  • “Insight, Inspiration, and Tools for the Engaged Leader”
    • For more information about this course on parish leadership development, please contact The Rev. Canon Dan Morrow by clicking here.


3. Parish-Based Courses

If the online environment doesn’t suit your parish needs, many of our courses can be adapted for use directly in the parish.  For example, a parish could use the online content of one of our courses for either a course run face-to-face in the parish or a hybrid online/face-to-face course. Here are some examples:

  • Conversations in Celtic Spirituality: a course in Celtic Spirituality
  • The Anglican Way: an introductory course on Anglican history, theology, and liturgy that could be useful for newcomers.
  • Reading Spiritual Practices for Today: a course that gives a sampling of various spiritual traditions such as Ignatian, Franciscan, etc.
  • Bible study with Dr. Deidre Good
  • Webinars on Connecting and Resilience with Rev. Gina Campbell.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in using SSFM for your parish needs, we are here to help you.  Please contact Dean Robyn Szoke-Coolidge for more information by clicking here.