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Current Courses

Vocational and Continuing Education Course Calendar

Winter Term

Nov 1st  2019 – Feb 22, 2020
Winter break December 15 – January 9

  • Theology I, D, P
  • Church History I, P
  • Introduction to OT, D, P
  • Anglican Prayer Book Studies, AS, D, P
  • Anglican Liturgical Theology, AS, P
  • Theology Elective, P
  • Homiletics I, D, P

Spring Term

Feb 21 – May 2, 2020

  • Ethics I, D, P
  • The Message of Mission, D, P
  • Intro to NT, D, P
  • Church History II, AS, D, P
  • Theology II, P
  • Anglican Ethics,  AS. Elective P

D =  Deacon’s course
P = Priest course
AS = Anglican Studies course

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Winter Term (November 9 – December 18)

Anglican Liturgical Theology

FACULTY: The Rev Shawn Strout
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Mondays at 8 pm

Open to all who are interested in learning about liturgical theology – required for the Schools fo the Diaconate and Priesthood.

In this ten-week course, we will discuss the nature of liturgical theology as a source of theology for the church.  Liturgical scholars have coined the term lex orandi, lex credenda to describe how the liturgy functions as a source of theology.  Some liturgical scholars consider liturgical theology to be “primary theology.” We will consider the implications of this assertion as well.

Anglican Prayer Book Studies

FACULTY: The Rev Shawn Strout
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Mondays at 7 pm

Open to all who are interested in learning about the Book of Common Prayer – Required for the Schools of the Diaconate and Priesthood.

This ten-week course will provide students with an overview of the history of liturgy in the western church, Anglican Tradition, with an emphasis on the liturgical theology of the Book of Common Prayer, Baptism and Eucharist along with the Daily Office.

Biblical Hebrew II for Old Testament Interpretation

FACULTY: Collin Cornell
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Tuesdays at 6:00 PM

This online class is a continuation of biblical Hebrew I for the sake of Old Testament preaching, teaching, and personal study.  Students will learn the Hebrew alphabet, essential Hebrew grammar, and important theological vocabulary, and they will become familiar with online tools and resources.  The class will be fun, engaging, and enriching for all who desire a deeper understanding of Hebrew Scripture in its original language.

Church History I

FACULTY: Mark Scheneman
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Thursdays at 7 pm

Over the course of ten academic weeks, students will encounter ten “crossroad” moments in Christian history, each reflecting epic and representative developments in the evolution of faith communities.

Congregational Stewardship: Grace, Gratitude & Generosity

FACULTY: Richard Jorgensen
COST: $75
DATES: Mondays at 6 pm

How do we use what we have been given to advance God’s mission? Stewardship is often reduced to fundraising in peoples’ minds, but stewardship is an essential part our life and call as disciples of Jesus. In this class, we will look at how we invest our lives and our resources in what matters to God and how to connect our life and resources to our ministry and mission as people of God. We will place an emphasis on living our lives in response to God’s grace, expressing gratitude to God and growing in generosity in response to all that God is doing in our midst.

GOE Prep

FACULTY: The Rev Dr David Zwifka
COST: $75
DATES: Wednesdays at 6 pm

This course is to assist students in preparing for GOEs.

Gospel of Mark

FACULTY: Deirdre Good
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Mondays at 6 pm

Through this course, students will recognize and identify Mark’s themes, motifs, distinctive literary features and theological emphases.  They will understand the significance of historical, oral, literary, and theological approaches to Mark and thus improve exegetical and interpretative skills.  Students will comprehend some of the basic differences of Mark and other gospels.  Students will also become familiar with important commentators and scholars, and an assortment of standard secondary literature on the Gospel of Mark.

Homiletics I

FACULTY: The Rev Dr David Zwifka
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Wednesday 7 pm

This course is designed to enable the student to construct a sermon/homily rooted in the exegesis of assigned biblical passages.  In addition, students will gain experience explaining and applying biblical passages and delivering a biblical sermon/homily.  A year of a scriptural studies that include an exposition of exegetical methods is a pre-requisite for this course.

Liberation Theology

FACULTY: Joshua Davis
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Tuesday 6 pm

Liberation theology is founded on the idea that God’s salvation of us always means freedom – not just freedom from sin and death, but from all the ways that sin and death hold us in bondage.  Liberation theologies focus on the ways our social, political, and economic life serve as instruments of our domination by sin and death.  We will read and discuss selections from a number of liberation theologians, such as Gustavo Gutierrez, Jon Sobrino, Enrique Dussel and others; Black liberation theologians, such as James Cone and feminist theologians, like Delores Williams.  Our concern, through the course, will be to think in faithful ways about our present circumstances and what we might learn from liberation theology about the church’s witness in our world today.

Living Evangelism

FACULTY: Rev Ingrid Anderson & Rev. Matthew Best
COST: $150

Does it scare you when you read in Matthew 28 that we are to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”? Are you worried that a course in evangelism will turn you into a televangelist? Fear not! In our participation-based, fun, and enriching course, you will explore the meaning of evangelism and challenge some preconceptions.  Through movies, readings and discussions, you’ll engage with the messy and complex world in which we serve and be equipped and supported while you plan and implement real change where it’s most needed.  Join us as we wrestle with the questions of What evangelism looks like, why it is central to your faith life, and how to live it out practically in order to transform the world, fulfilling your baptismal promises?

View Living Evangelism during a time of Pandemic Video

Theology I

FACULTY: Joshua Davis
COST: $300 for credit / $100 to audit
DATES: Tuesday 7 pm

If someone asks about your Christian hope, how would you explain it?  Systematic theology is the theological discipline that seeks to give an answer for the hope that lies within us.  In this course, we will explore topics including the nature of God, Christology, Pneumatology, and Trinitarian theology.

Living Evangelism during a time of Pandemic