Current Courses

Vocational and Continuing Education Course Calendar

Winter Term

Nov 1st  2019 – Feb 22, 2020
Winter break December 15 – January 9

  • Theology I, D, P
  • Church History I, P
  • Introduction to OT, D, P
  • Anglican Prayer Book Studies, AS, D, P
  • Anglican Liturgical Theology, AS, P
  • Theology Elective, P
  • Homiletics I, D, P

Spring Term

Feb 21 – May 2, 2020

  • Ethics I, D, P
  • The Message of Mission, D, P
  • Intro to NT, D, P
  • Church History II, AS, D, P
  • Theology II, P
  • Anglican Ethics,  AS. Elective P

D =  Deacon’s course
P = Priest course
AS = Anglican Studies course

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Ethics I

FACULTY: Dr. Joshua Davis
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit
DATES: Tuesdays at 7PM

At its best, the discipline of Christian ethics is nothing less than the adventure of learning about the nuances and contours of Christian discipleship. We will explore the sources of authority for ethical reflection, the relationship between ethics and doctrinal (or dogmatic) theology, and the history of ethics as a discipline. Then, we will explore ethical thought in ways that reflect the catholic and evangelical character of Anglicanism at its best.

Anglican Ethics

FACULTY: Dr. Joshua Davis
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit
DATES: Tuesdays at 8PM

Welcome to the second half of the Stevenson School for Ministry’s introductory course in Christian ethics! At its best, the discipline of Christian ethics is nothing less than the adventure of discipleship, and I’m glad to join each of you this semester as we embark on it together. While this course draws on the work of a number of Anglican scholars, it is also intentionally ecumenical, bringing other voices to the table as well.

Over the next 10 weeks, we will explore a range of topics that address how Christians can think and live morally – in our own lives and in our common life together: in families, in communities, in our nation, and in creation.

The Message of Mission

FACULTY: Deacon Marsha Roscoe
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit
DATES: Mondays at 6PM

The apostolic witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of the church’s mission. The church has the critically important task of communicating the message of Jesus Christ to the world. Reflecting on scripture and God’s call for us, we use the Book of Acts as a model for contemporary ministry in the communities in which God has planted us.

Introduction to New Testament

FACULTY: Dr. Deirdre Good
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit

This ten week on line course is designed to lead you to read the New Testament itself, New Testament Survey provides essential historical and cultural background information and carefully examines the content of each book in the New Testament

Church History II

FACULTY: The Rev. Dr. Mark Scheneman
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit
DATES: Mondays at 7PM

This is a course in the basic history of the Episcopal Church. We will begin with a consideration of the planting of colonial Anglican churches and the struggle for stability and identity, especially in the wake of the American Revolution. Each week, in a linear sequence, we will read from Richard Prichard’s “A History of the Episcopal Church”, (Morehouse, 1991) which will be used as the principle text. The course will conclude with a decade of renewal (1980-90) and some reflection on directions and developments, which continue to shape our church of the present.

Theology II

FACULTY: Dr. Joshua Davis
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit
DATES: Wednesdays at 7PM

“If someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.” Systematic theology is the theological discipline that seeks to give an answer for the hope that lies within us. In this course, we will continue our exploration of systematic theology. We will pick up with discussions on the topics of Creation, the Fall, Redemption, Sacraments, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

Becoming the Beloved Community

FACULTY: Mr. Kevin Barron 
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit

Using the framework of the Episcopal Church’s “Becoming a Beloved Community” this course on antiracism will lead participants through four pillars rooted in the Baptismal Covenant; Telling the Truth about the Church and Race; Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community; Practicing the Way of Love; and Repairing the Breach in Society and Institutions. Among other resources addressing systemic racism, privilege, and justice, the principal texts for the course are The Sin of White Supremacy: Christianity, Racism, and Religious Diversity in America by Jeannine Fletcher and Yet With A Steady Beat: The African American Struggle for Recognition in the Episcopal Church. The course is designed to provide future and current leaders of the church with the knowledge and background to combat the sin of racism, particularly focusing on dismantling systemic racism within and outside of the institution of the Church.

Christian-Muslim Relations

FACULTY: Dr. Salih Sayilgan
COST: $300.00 for credit or $100 for audit
DATES: Wednesdays at 8PM

This course explores the history of Christian-Muslim relations and theological/practical issues between the two traditions. While the first part examines the historical encounters between the adherents of two faiths, the second part shed lights on theological and practical issues such as sacred text and tradition, God, prophethood, authority, worship and rituals, ethics, culture, as well as the relationships with political order in both religions. The third part of the course concentrates on some contemporary perspectives on Christian-Muslim relations as well as the current state of dialogue between Christians and Muslims in the United States

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