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The Venerable Jane Miron was born and raised in the Mennonite Church and was the daughter of a Mennonite minister. Jane and her husband (who was raised in a Jewish family and later served as a minister in the Mennonite church) and children joined St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Lancaster, Pa. in 1986. They came to the Episcopal church after an experience during a visit to Israel where they attended an Anglican service and knew that the Episcopal church was where they were meant to be.

After serving as a Vestry member, Junior Warden and in other roles at St. Thomas, Jane began to feel a tug toward ordained ministry. She was ordained to the permanent diaconate in February of 2005. In 2011, Jane retired from a career as first an elementary school and then a middle school history teacher.

Over the years, Jane has been involved in the community in a number of roles. She was the first non-Jewish woman to serve on the presidium for the local Hadassah (Jewish women’s organization that supports internationally known medical facilities in Israel); she is in her fifth year as a member of the Community life task force in Manheim township and recently, she was appointed to the Police Advisory Committee for Manheim Township.

When not involved in church-related work, she spends her time with her grandchildren, reading, being with people, bicycling, writing skits and whatever else seems like fun. Her family includes her husband, David, an instructional facilitator in comparative religion at Elizabethtown College and coordinator of clergy and congregational care for the Samaritan Counseling Center in Lancaster, two children, Hannah and Nick, two grandchildren, Sierra and Christian and two too cute twin kittens.

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Louis Armstrong’s version of It’s a Wonderful World is my favorite.
I would need cats, books, chocolate, puzzles, my family and a ticket home.
I am a 7 with an 8 wing. I react strongly to injustice and wrong doing. However, the world to me is a beautiful, holy place and a gift to us from God that is filled with opportunities for us to enjoy and share with others. This creation needs to be available to all people not just the powerful.





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