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Jun 23 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Stevenson School for Ministry


Stevenson School for Ministry

The Stevenson School for Ministry believes that discernment is deeply important for spiritual growth. Through discernment, we explore the range of vocations (diakonia, priesthood, lay ministry) in which we as the Body of Christ can engage. Discernment helps us learn to articulate the places where God is active in our lives through a process of listening, reflecting, and responding in circles of community. And, actively engaging in discernment helps us to identify our gifts for ministry while discovering new learning opportunities to serve God and our neighbor. The Stevenson School for Ministry is dedicated to the lifelong learning and discernment processes of all Episcopalians in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania and beyond. We seek to make theological education available to all, because we believe it to be essential to furthering the mission and ministry of the Church.


This introductory course focuses upon biblical and theological understandings of Christian education and community formation for discipleship and mission. It explores techniques, tools and technology for improving the effectiveness of those who teach and those who learn in a congregational setting. Teaching in your local parish is an energizing way to spread the Gospel. Sharpen your teaching skills. Create Bible studies. The course will prepare you to evaluate curriculum and engage planning tools for Christian education designed for discipleship, mission, and evangelism.

Our Episcopalian life is centered upon three core elements: Scripture, tradition, and reason. From the moment of our baptism, we begin to deepen our understanding as we mature into our faith, learning more about scripture and tradition, and being able to apply our reason. How will we mature in that way unless there are those in our parish community who are able to teach us? Learning should not end with confirmation! Lifelong Learning should be a joyful, vitalizing part of every Episcopalian parish – and being an educator is the calling of the laity as much as it is the calling of the clergy.

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