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Bishop’s Visitation Schedule and Customary

About the Visit

Bishop Scanlan hopes to spend her time on visitations engaging the life and ministry of the parish. This includes time spent in worship, meeting with clergy and lay leaders, participating in activities for children and youth, adult formation and fellowship, and learning how the church interacts with the community in service and mission. Confirmations and receptions will be part of parish visitations, if appropriate, with advance notice, and following the diocese’ protocol and guidelines. Each visitation will require significant advance planning on the part of the parish and bishop’s office to make the most of the episcopal visit.   

Early Planning is Helpful

Visitations are scheduled on a two-year rotational cycle. The parish should begin planning at least two months before their visit. The Bishop will send a reminder, and a request for planning materials, well before her visit. The requested materials must be received by the Bishop’s office on or before the due date, so that both the Bishop and the parish can plan for the best use of their time together.

To read the letter about Bishop Scanlan’s Visitation, click here.

To view the 2023-2025 Visitation Schedule with Regional Confirmations, click here.

For the 2023-2025 alphabetical order by parish, click here.


Customaries explain what the parish can expect from the Bishop and what the Bishop can expect from the parish in a specific circumstance.

To download the Customaries form, click here. If you have any questions regarding the Bishop’s visitation to your parish, please email Nichol Free or call 717-236-5959 ext. 1101.

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