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Fair Share

Parish Assessment

Parish Assessment (Fair Share) is one of the primary sources of funding for the Diocese. 

At the 2021 Annual Convention, held October 14th, the Diocesan 2022 Budget was approved. Included in this budget was a significant reduction in budgeted assessment income for the Diocese. In 2021, the budgeting income from parish assessment was $1,590,388. For the 2022 budget, this amount was reduced to $1,216,822, representing a 23.5% decrease.

The new calculation methodology is as follows:

  • Calculate the average of the previous 4-Years Normal Operating Income (2017-2020)
    • Excluding any Payroll Protection Funds received during the pandemic.
  • Assessment on the first $200,000 is at 10%
  • Any amount above $200,000 is assessed at 12%

Yearly Details

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