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Deacons in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

A deacon is a baptized person called and empowered by God and the Church to be a model of Christ’s servant ministry for all people. As agents of God’s compassion and reconciling grace, deacons are missionaries to the world and messengers to the Church of the world’s needs, hopes and concerns. In the Church, deacons call forth, empower, and inspire the baptized to respond to these needs. The role of the deacon in liturgy mirrors this role of the deacon in Church and world. Deacons are living symbols of Christ’s presence as they embody Christ’s servant ministry and point to the presence of Christ in those they serve.
-North American Association for the Diaconate

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Ministries of deacons in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania:

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Jubilee Ministries

We SHARE Support Group for children with special needs


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