About Youth Ministry

Who we are
We welcome all to participate in the Diocese of Central PA youth committee.  We invite your support, nurture, and care of our young people and of each other, as we learn and grow together in Christ.

Our Mission Statement:
To engage our Diocesan youth in their relationship with God; to equip them to grow in their faith and practice of ministry in the way of Love in Jesus Christ, and to enjoy and share God’s love with others.

Our Core Values:

  • Develop safe and consistent environments where youth and their youth leaders can learn and grow and practice their ministry.
  • Shape opportunities to engage in diverse community experiences, to know that we belong to a larger body of Christ—collaboration and partnership are essential, along with participation in Province III and EYE.
  • Relationship focused
  • Support all parishes in their ministry with young people

Youth Programs:

  • Happening, Middle School Retreat, Winter Retreat
  • Special Event Days, Leadership preparation weekends, Diocesan Convention
  • New Camp initiative with Camp Mt. Luther
  • Experimentation with other denomination youth initiatives

 Leadership Formation:

  • Developing a network of youth leaders
  • Developing a network of Diocesan Youth
  • Youth leadership training opportunities
  • Mission preparation and participation


  • Supporting each participant and leader’s faith journey and their life in Christ.
  • Consistent worship, singing, prayer practices designed with and by youth
  • Focus on relationships with the triune God and each other, developing strong peer groups for leadership.
  • Youth-led initiatives from prayerful participation develop into programs.

Educational Resources

  • The Way of Love
  • Becoming the Beloved Community
  • Bible Study and theological reflection

For questions, resources or to become involved with Youth Ministry, contact Canon Micalagh Moritz, To download the Youth Ministry Emergency contact form that is required to attend all Youth events, click here.

EYE 2023

Please share with your congregations that registration for EYE 2023 is extended until March 31st, 2023!

The cost for participants is $200 (plus $200 is contributed by the home parish and $200 from the Diocese to cover the total cost of $600). The cost includes the pre-EYE event that begins July 3rd, as well as meals, transportation, and housing from July 3 to the return on the 8th. This event is for ages 15-19 and is a great way to connect with the wider Episcopal church!

Learn more about the event:

Contact Micalagh Moritz, Canon for Youth, Children, and Families, with any questions, or to register: