Upcoming Youth Activities

Senior Highs- Save the date to participate in our Annual Diocesan Convention, October 19 and 20, grades 9 – 12.

We invite two youth from each convocation for this great opportunity to see some of the inner workings of the Episcopal Church, to meet with other youth delegates from the diocese.  This is a great honor and privilege to represent your convocation.  You will have a voice to speak to a variety of resolution proposals. You are invited to be pages, acolytes and share in worship as well as support the new children’s program.  There is no charge for this event. For more information contact Mary Ellen Kilp


Mark Your Calendars now: November 16 -18, 2018
Winter Retreat for grades 6 – 12.

“Being The Middle Way”
A great opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a part of the Episcopal Church, what you love about it, and what we believe.  Great music, worship, talks and activities. The cost is $125.00, however, scholarships are available. For scholarships, please contact Robyn Szoke-Coolidge, Registration for this event will be available in September.


Diocesan Youth Events 2019

January 16-18, 2019, “Happening” planning meeting

February 14-17, 2019, “Happening” for grades 9 – 12

April 5–7, 2019, “New Beginnings” for grades 6 – 8.

Colorado Youth leadership Initiative:  register for 2019 Leadership training for youth and for more information, click here.


Pictures from our recent New Beginnings retreat

New Beginnings Youth

Youth Reflections

Called to teach and learn








The Diocese of Central PA youth committee passionately encourages young people to form relationships with Christ and Christ’s Church by offering opportunities for mission, worship, leadership, and fellowship.

Our work includes:

  • Youth ministry is a priority
  • Sponsoring and collaborating with congregations to hold programs and events.
  • Strengthening the wider community of youth ministry; EYE, Province II, and General Convention Youth Presence
  • Develop leadership training opportunities

The Cross-Generational Team of the Stevenson School for Ministry is ready to help and support the development of children, youth, and young adult ministry.  For more information, click here.


Leadership Opportunity

Applications are now being accepted for The official Youth Presence at the Episcopal Church General Convention 2018 click here for more information.



The youth committee of the diocese is presently being chaired by Mary Ellen Kilp, and Theda Tallman who are always ready to support and engage youth and parents. For more information contact them at

The Cross Generational Team of the Stevenson School for Ministry is ready to help and support the development of children, youth and young adult ministry. Click here for more information.

Check out these family resources for Lent by clicking here.


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