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The Way of Love

The Way of Love is The Way of Life

Bishop CurryThe Way of Love is an adaption of monastic traditions that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said would help church members “open up the soul and spirit.”

Bishop ScanlanFrom Bishop Scanlan: “In order to effect healing and wholeness- of our planet and in our relationships- and in order to share the joy of Jesus through effective evangelism, we ourselves need to be grounded, supported and encouraged.” Bishop Curry’s seven-fold Way of Love offers us a pathway for our own spiritual development and preparation to be missioners in the Jesus Movement.

I hope that in this next year we can continue to strengthen our efforts at collaborating with each other for God’s mission, that we will continue to stretch ourselves and try on new and creative ways of being Church, and that, by living in the Way of Love as our Way of Life.

Visit the Way of Love on the Episcopal Church’s website for:

Stevenson School for Ministry

has a three week module to prepare to engage in the way of love spiritual practices

Forma also has an easy-to-print 8×12 Way of Love brochure for your use

Accessible resources for your parish

Spiritual Practices for Parish Life

Prayer Book Studies

New evangelism module for parish life
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  • Courses offered for fall for certificate for lay
  • Courses offered for January 2019 for all
    teachers; teaching in the 21st century

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