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Creation Care & The Beloved Community on Facebook Live – 9/20 @7 PM

Wednesday, September 20th at 7 PM on Facebook

Are you wondering how to make a difference in your community in a concrete way that brings people together as the beloved community and focused on creation care?

In this third Creation Care Committee webinar, we will introduce you to a concrete way of engaging with and caring for creation by developing a community garden and ministry center, which works collaboratively with other churches, service organizations, and the local university, to promote wholeness in the neighborhood and to build God’s Beloved Community.

We will approach this topic through the theological lens of Jesus’ mission to reconcile all of creation and humankind to God and our call to live out his mission as we create “altars” throughout the neighborhood, places where people will meet the Risen Christ and God’s love will transform us all. We understand that to be in a right relationship with God, we must be in a right relationship with creation and with each other– and by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we have been led to find a way that deepens all these relationships.

We will tell the story of our neighborhood transformation through Grace Place with presentations including factual “how-to” techniques, photos, storytelling, a guided meditation on hospitality, and an honest conversation around the costs, joys, and responsibilities of breaking open our hearts to be the change we believe God desires in our own community.

We invite you to join us in this fabulous story of challenge and delight, as we follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance, in collaboration with our diocese and through our Shaped by Faith Project, and we co-create with God for grow God’s Beloved Community!


  • The Rev. Barbara Hutchinson, Rector, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Shippensburg, whose community engagement is centered on Grace Place Garden & Ministry Center
  • Ms. Jessica Larkin, Garden Coordinator, Grace Place Gardens
  • Dr. Ford Brooks, Director of Growing Edges Community Counseling Clinic

Other voices

  • Ann Baker, Member of the SBF Task Force
  • Ann Heermans-Booth, Active member of Grace Place Garden Hospitality Group
  • Keith Tyler, Member of the SBF Task Force
  • Susan Tyler, Member of the SBF Task Force, Senior Warden
  • Katie Ruth (they/she) – Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light; Chair, Creation Care Committee; Member, St. Stephen’s Cathedral Harrisburg

Join at Please note, you do not need a Facebook account to watch the livestream.

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