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Dismantling Racism Events & Trainings

Events & Trainings

Tell Me the Truth About Racism is a story that frames racism through the lens of Christian faith appropriate for kids 4-104. In this workshop, faith educators will experience one of the stories and have a chance to wonder as one would with kids/grownups. There will be a discussion about how to lay the groundwork with parents before you start, ideas/ examples of how to use these stories in an intergenerational setting, in a day camp setting, and in a traditional Sunday morning Sunday school setting.

Will Bouvel and Jen Holt Enriquez built the foundation of this work in Lent 2021 to teach children at their churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago? Their approach defines racism as “The lie in our world that some people are better than others based on the color of their skin.” It is only because of the Truth we know from God, that all people are equally children of God, that we can clearly see how racism tells us a lie about who we are. Racism distorts us all – Black, white, and brown – away from who God made us to be.

We will share the narrative of how this work came about and then tell one story. We will wonder about the story together before a broader discussion to close the workshop. We will make ourselves available for a more casual question-and-answer/ discussion session.

For more information, please visit, where you can read more about our approach and watch videos of stories being told to children.

This is Part 1 of 3 events. You can attend one or all. Event information below:

  • April 12th 10am-2pm (included lunch) Tell Me the Truth About Racism: St. Paul’s Harrisburg. To register, click here.

For anyone who requires financial assistance, please contact Canon Moritz at to discuss scholarship options! Use SCHOLARSHIP when you sign up.

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