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From the chair of the Diocesan Evangelism Committee… I invite you not just to benefit from the resources and ideas that our Committee has gathered for the last year or so but to contribute to them. Evangelism is done most effectively by parishioners, not by the national church. Each of us has a story that explains why we are followers of Christ, and our invitation to you is to find effective ways to share the story of faith. I look forward to seeing how we spread the Good News in the years ahead. Father John Harwood

More Resources

The mothership for TEC evangelism resources is:


Best Practices for the Inviting Congregation
  • Extremely basic how-to for creating an inviting congregation. (However, does not include any mention of social media/online practices).
Best Practices for Inclusive Congregations
  • One-pager about multicultural inclusiveness in parishes.
The Practices of a Radically Welcoming Community
  • The necessary next steps for becoming a radically welcoming community.
Strategic planning resources (largely, good questions to ask discerning congregations):


Here are some helpful handouts from TEC’s Evangelism Initiative:


The Methodists have the most robust mainline denominational training and resources for hospitality and welcoming. Welcoming Ministry Online Course Six-week online class with assignments, teacher and class discussion for $30. Link: Welcoming Overview includes checklists for improving church hospitality. Welcoming Resources: Encourage Guests to Return with Great Follow-Ups
  • Provides practical tips for follow-up with visitors.
5 types of church visitors: Are you ready for them?
  • The article outlines the basic idea that different people visit churches for different reasons, and some suggestions for beginning to think through the challenge.
One-Hour Welcoming Training Session Mystery Guest Audit
  • Instructions and checklist/survey for guest auditors to fill out. Although if you’re interested in a guest audit, please reach out to the SFRC and they’ll get your parish set up with a guest audit and follow-up visit.
Welcoming Tips Handout
  • Best part of this: “Rule of 10” which instructs parishioners to greet anyone that comes within 10 feet of them, especially people they don’t know.
===== The Lutheran Church (ELCA) has lots of resources aimed at congregations (e.g., inserts for bulletins). These are pretty basics, but the idea is good and adaptable.
Resources: The ELCA has some resources for congregational communication (, too, but I’ve found nothing specifically for enhanced digital strategies. === The United Methodist Church houses evangelism under discipleship and has numerous resources ( MYCOM

4 things churches can learn from Netflix

April 06, 2020 Netflix and church? Leaders feel like they’re competing for their church members’ attention. Explore how you can use Netflix-like engagement tactics. MYCOM

How many people are watching your videos?

July 14, 2020 Wondering what engagement vs. views are when it comes to your Facebook videos? We explain what you should be looking for and why. WEB MINISTRY AND SOCIAL MEDIA

How to give your church’s Facebook page a facelift

September 06, 2017 Discover new ideas to freshen up your church’s Facebook page and increase engagement. ADMINISTRATION

Connectional Giving team highlights the importance of stewardship

February 05, 2019 The Connectional Giving team increases awareness of and financial engagement with the apportioned funds, six church-wide Special Sundays and the missions of The Advance. COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING

Improve your Instagram ministry with one simple change

February 05, 2019 Instagram is the social network with the highest level of engagement. If you know how to do Instagram well, it can be a great tool for building relationships.

How to be a better email communicator

April 09, 2014 Email has slowly become the primary communication channel for many churches. Are you sure people read your emails and act appropriately? Learn how to increase engagement now! MYCOM

I’m struggling with Facebook

February 27, 2019 The original strategy of creating and scheduling content that relies on organic reach spurred by engagement through Facebook is no longer a sure path to success. COMMUNICATIONS

Latino Leader Panel

November 18, 2019 The communications agency of the United Methodist Church wants to hear from you! Be a part of our Latino Leader Engagement Panel and share your opinions and suggestions. COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING

Learn the 3 dimensions of excellent content

September 07, 2017 Understanding all three of these dimensions will move your content from flat to fully formed content that will help drive engagement and get people in pews. Seminary-based resources. At Patricia Lyons is the dean of “Evangelism Initiatives” for VTS, but their website yields nothing, alas. I am using her new book, “The Evangelist’s Breviary,” right now, and it’s rich and provocative in ideas. If you turn directly to Mother Google, the riches are too numerous to capture. If you search for “how to evangelize,” you get 2.7M links. I especially liked the concreteness of:
But there are many, many others from across the denominational spectrum.

DOCUMENTS – from the ELCA home page for Evangelism

Resources for: Children | Youth | Young Adults