Information for Diocesan Clergy Spouses

As a clergy spouse or partner, you are in a blessed & peculiar position, but you are not alone. This brochure is intended to provide you with a brief introduction to the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

Diocesan Structure

The diocese, in addition to having staff and groups/committees that meet regularly, made up of seven geographically determined convocations. Parishes in a convocation are expected to spiritually support one another. Our bishop regularly visits each convocation and parish.

Clergy Spouse/Partner Wellness

The diocese runs a wellness program for clergy and offers assistance to clergy spouses/partners as well. Currently, clergy spouse/partners get together once a year for lunch at the annual diocesan convention.

Events & Expectations

Expectations of Spouses/Partners

First and foremost, be yourself. Congregational expectations of clergy spouse/partners will differ in every congregation. For the most part, you will not be expected to play any particular roles in the congregation. You may, if you choose to, be involved in the life of the congregation, including some leadership roles. At the diocesan level, you may also be involved, although some committees may not allow simultaneous spouse and partner participation.

Expectations of Clergy

The expectations of a clergy person will differ in every congregation. Clergy are encouraged to do all they can to make sure that expectations are made/met and continue to be clear. In addition, the diocese depends upon clergy to fill significant roles at the diocesan level and so clergy may be invited to serve in various capacities in the diocese. Some posts are elected.

Diocesan-wide Clergy Events

Clergy are expected to participate in certain diocesan activities such as Annual Diocesan Convention (which may be held in different locations in the diocese each year), biannual convocation meetings and annual clergy conference/retreats. Renewal of Vows is also offered annually. As you can see, opportunities abound, however, work-family-life balance is still supported.

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Clergy Spouse Wellness Coordinators

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