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What is Shaped by Faith

What is Shaped by Faith?
Shaped by Faith is an invitation from Bishop Scanlan to the congregations of our Diocese. It is a three-part initiative to create a Diocese best shaped to serve God’s mission in Central Pennsylvania.

Why is this initiative happening now?

Bishop Scanlan’s years of ministry in this Diocese have included visiting our congregations, learning our stories, and listening to our challenges. She has identified the vital need to reshape some of the ways we are currently configured. Together we will explore our present reality, discern our priorities and values, and discover new ways of serving Christ with vitality and strength.

Who can participate in Shaped by Faith?
All congregations are invited to participate and support the work of Shaped by Faith.

How can my congregation get involved?
Shaped by Faith has three components.
1. Intensive Work
2. Stevenson School for Ministry Opportunities
3. Celebrating Our Common Story
Congregations may participate in one component or multiple components.

Who is on the Shaped by Faith team?
A team of leaders, lay and ordained, has been assembled to support and administer the three components of Shaped by Faith. Members include:

Intensive Work
The Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan – Bishop
Canon Chad Linder – Canon for Finance
Development and Innovation
The Rev. Kevin Barron – Associate for Congregational Vitality and Shaped by Faith
Amy Swiernik – Support

Stevenson School for Ministry Opportunities
Ms. Sarah Stonesifer Boylan, Dean of the Stevenson School for Ministry

Celebrating Our Common Story
Debbie Robelen – Diocesan Archivist