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Driving PA Forward Convention Resolution Update

Driving PA Forward 2021 Convention Resolution Update

RESOLVED Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania that all parishes within the Diocese prayerfully consider participation in and support of the Driving Pennsylvania Forward Coalition by doing any of the following:
1. Writing letters of support for the Coalition’s Pennsylvania legislative efforts for people residing in Pennsylvania who are undocumented immigrants;
2. Participating in committees of the Coalition;
3. Making financial donations to the efforts of the Coalition.

Click here for the resolution.

  • HB 769 has been introduced, which allows PA driver’s licenses for all. Click here for more information.

  • Driving PA Forward coalition has officially kicked off a Season of Action. The toolkit to follow along and engage can be found here.

  • A Lobby day is being held on Tuesday, April 25, 9 am–Noon, at the State Capitol in Harrisburg. There will be visits to your state legislator in the morning and a press conference to end the event. Sign-up here.

  • We are raising $25,000 to support this effort. Go to Choose MILPA as the team. Also, share widely.
  • Here is a sample that can be used in bulletins, newsletters, and social media: 

Thousands of immigrants across Pennsylvania are forced to drive without a license to work and live. This needs to change.  At the 2021 Convention for the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, we agreed to support the Driving PA Forward Coalition – a statewide campaign to secure a standard driver’s license for all Pennsylvanians regardless of immigration status. This action will support families, workers, businesses, and make our roads safer.  

Please consider a small donation to support this important effort – no amount is too small.  Go to and choose the MILPA team.  You can learn more and sign a petition in support of this effort at

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