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Safe Church FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Safeguarding God’s Children trainings were very important in their time, and served as a training to familiarize individuals- both clergy and lay- with how to prevent child abuse, and understanding the liability and various issues around abuse.

Safe Church was developed from the Safe Church Model Policies that were adopted in 2017, and continued to broaden and deepen the conversation about how to create safe spaces in our church and ultimately our communities. The trainings were updated in July 2021 and began offering virtual options through Praesidium Academy.

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Yes. Safe Church, Safe Communities is specific to the Episcopal Church, and includes theological underpinning for what we are doing and why, as well as policy and application that is unique to a church setting.

See this document for a list of requirements for different roles.

At each entity (congregation, non-profit, or school) there should be a person designated as the Safe Church Manager who will keep track of clearances and Safe Church certification to ensure that volunteers are in compliance with requirements.

The Diocese is responsible for keeping clearances (updated every 5 years), and Safe Church certificates (updated every 3 years) for all clergy. Please email a copy or mail a copy of your Safe Church transcript once courses are completed. This can be found in your Praesidium account.

Please also email copies of your updated clearances. You can email

The requirement for recertification has recently been changed from every 5 years to every 3 years, based on the requirement from The Episcopal Church Safe Church Office. This is true for everyone, regardless of position.

Your Safeguarding God’s Children training will be valid for 3 years from the date you completed it. If it has been over 3 years, you should take the new training.

You are now able to complete all Safe Church trainings online as well as in person. This is a recent change from the requirement to take it in person for the first time. If you prefer an in-person training, you can view the Diocesan calendar to find one.

Regular train-the-trainer trainings are offered. Check on the Diocesan calendar to find one, or email

Safe Church, Safe Communities, unlike Safeguarding Children (the former training) delves into issues that apply universally to anyone involved in a position of leadership in the Episcopal Church. While abuse prevention is still a part of the training, there are more components that are applicable. Also, it is important for vestry members and others in leadership to understand the why behind certain rules and regulations.

Micalagh Moritz is the Safe Church Administrator. You can reach her at the Diocesan office 717-236-5959 ext. 1111.

Or email